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Invigorate your brainwork and read 2 times faster in just 14 days
24 July

This game is for those who:

Want to awaken their brain from sleep and start thinking creatively
Want to double their reading speed and concentration
Want to enrich vocabulary and become communication gurus


No time to read what is necessary
Your books and documents are piling up, there is not enough time for anything
Low concentration on the texT

While reading you have your head in the clouds and, as a result, you don't remember what you've read
Inactive brain
You often catch yourself thinking that the brain simply don't cope with a ton of information. You need a lot of time to think over the problem and make a decision
Decreased neuroplasticity
Neuroplasticity is the ability of our brain to be rewired as a result of the newly acquired knowledge and skills. If you do not learn something new, you do not allow your brain system to develop
Groundhog Day
Time stops, it’s hard to differ one weekday from another
Lack of self-realization
You would like to devote time to finding yourself, mastering new skills or hobbies, but mundane tasks steal all your forces
It’s hard to communicate
You are tired of having a hard time finding topics or words during conversation
Money is tight
You are thinking about changing the area of activity or working from home, but there is hardly any time for learning something new

So our Game is for you!

You will be surprised, but speed reading can be the key. After all, all these problems are confined to the skills of fast brainwork and, as a result, fast and effective information processing
What do I get from the game?
Fast reading and memorizing of information
You will be able to read 2 times faster, understanding and memorizing what you’ve read
You will free up time for your family, friends and hobbies
You will start to enjoy reading books. You will come down out of the clouds and remember what you’ve read. You will learn how a vigorous, fast and active brain works at full speed; what it is to think creatively and find unconventional solutions to the problems.

This is really cool! Just try it, become a person with higher aspirations!
Extra earnings
You will learn about specific ways of how to monetize your neuroreading skills, and will be able to earn extra money on it. And you can start during the Game already - the person with the best results will join our Team!
people have already passed the Game
2 times
is the reading speed increase after the Game
is the average income increase after the Game

Why the Game?

Fast result
You will boost up your reading skills and become an effective reader with flexible and creative thinking in just 14 days
It’s remote
You can master the skill from anywhere in the world. You only need access to the Internet and 20 minutes of free time per day
Professional Team of Tutors
Support, audio and text messages from tutors, assistance in training your self-discipline. You will definitely finish our Game!
Lifetime skill
Skills of an effective information processing are a long-term investment in your success and financial well-being. Once you've mastered these skills, you can use them for the rest of your life


light and with your own sandwiches
duration: 2 weeks
access to your personal account with all the Game materials
video lessons
1-month access to all the training materials
feedback from the Tutors of the Game - questions and answers mode
Take your time with extended access
duration: 2 months
access to your personal account with all the Game materials
video lessons
1-month access to all the training materials
feedback from the Tutors of the Game - questions and answers mode
Author of the Game

Dinara Kamaletdinova

Acting trainer on effective reading, author of the "Integrative method" of teaching effective reading skills (Certificate ID: WDTS - PS - 00000728)
Certified Educator and Neuropsychologist
Founder and Head of the Bookvolon Academy
Over 20,000+ students from 40+ countries
Simultaneously takes training programs at the University of Virginia (USA), Stanford University (CLLIA), Coaching (Russia) and several other educational institutions

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