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We improve the quality of people's lives through training in fast processing skills of large amounts of information, easy learning of anything, aesthetic perception and understanding of masterpieces of literary art, popularization of reading good books.

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Online-practice that will increase reading speed by 4-10 times
how to study when you are an adult
Diploma program with the certificate of state standard
Corporate Training
Increase the efficiency of your employees by mastering the skills of effective information processing and rapid learning
Speed reading game!2.0
Authoring online game in English!
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A popularizer of reading and books

Certified Effective Learning and Reading Coach
(Certificate ID WDTS-PS-00000728) Switzerland

A Certified teacher, neuropsychologist

A Founder and a leader of Bookvolon

Over 25,000 students from 54 countries

Independently taught the skills of effective information processing (including speed reading)

An Organizer of children’s charity parties Wow-Book

Graduate in the Department of Educational Theory

Mother of two wonderful children

Bookvolon Founder is
25 000
countries all over the world

300 +
They read more than
books per year
6 years
More than
in the online learning market
Dinara Kamaletdinova
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A copywriter
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